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Grand Cayman’s Rum Point – The Ultimate Guide to Soaking It All Up!

Close your eyes and drift off to a place far, far, away; to a place where palm trees lay their shadows on powdery alabaster sand and where gem-hued waters ripple along the shoreline. It’s an oasis permeated by rum legends and shipwrecks, where the island beats mingle with the tropical breeze. This is Grand Cayman’s Rum Point.

It’s found on the North Shore of Grand Cayman, and it oozes the authentic island vibes you’re dreaming of on your next Caribbean vacation.

So, slip on your flip-flops, drop an umbrella in your Mudslide, and come away with us to Grand Cayman’s best-kept secret!

How to Get to Rum Point

Rum Point is part of a remote peninsula on Grand Cayman, jutting out into the North Sound between Cayman Kai and Starfish Point. Far removed from the tourism hubs, it whispers a distinctly local vibe, challenging to find elsewhere on the island.

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Getting to Rum Point by Land

Getting access to the isolated beaches on Rum Point requires a little extra effort, but the challenge is a main factor to its iconic Caribbean ambiance. The only direct roadway to Rum Point from Georgetown and Seven Mile Beach skirts along the island’s south side, bypassing the area by over 10 km before cutting across the island and looping back along the North Side. 

Also, due to the notorious island traffic congestion, getting there can take upwards of three hours on a typical day. Travelers take this route via taxi, but many prefer to relish the road trip with a car rental.

Getting to Rum Point by Water

Many first-time visitors choose to visit Rum Point as part of organized tours that float through the North Sound en route to surrounding attractions, including Stingray City, Starfish Point, and Bioluminescent Bay. 

Another option for those looking to avoid the crowds and tours is to hop on a water taxi. This alternative caters to local travelers and can be spontaneous or organized through word-of-mouth. For this reason, availability can vary by season or time of day. However, it is the most affordable option, so looking into it can prove worth the effort.

Cayman Island Ferries also offer transport between Rum Point, the outlying attractions, and the most frequented areas. It’s the most sustainable mode of travel on Grand Cayman and currently operates on Saturdays between noon and 12 PM. Riding the ferry isn’t as affordable as the water taxi but is far less expensive than renting a car or paying for a land taxi.

Undoubtedly the best-kept secret for getting to Rum Point is to make a lunch or dinner reservation at Rum Point Club. Visitors with reservations at the restaurant receive a complimentary seat on their private shuttle that departs from Safehaven Dock on Seven Mile Beach.

Things To Do In Rum Point Grand Cayman

Rum Point is a sliver of Grand Cayman with a slower pace of life than the rest of the Caribbean Islands. As a result, the main activities here are apparent: snorkeling, sunbathing and sipping tropical cocktails. But that’s precisely the point!

Here are some ideas on what to do at Rum Point:

Drink and Eat at the Wreck Bar

Arguably, Rum Point’s main attraction is a drink, The Grand Cayman Mudslide. And while you’re on the North Sound peninsula, it’s a crime not to order at least one Mudslide. Head over the Wreck Bar, credited as the original crafter of this beloved drink. A Mudslide is more or less a booze-laden milkshake made with vodka, the coffee-flavored Kahlua liquor, and Bailey’s Irish Cream whiskey.

The Wreck Bar & Grill is the spot to pick for casual but delicious American-Caribbean cuisine like fish and chips, jerk pork, surf ‘n’ turf, or traditional seafood pot filled with rice, shiitake mushrooms, coconuts, and plenty of fresh shellfish and mussels. 

Swim, Snorkel & Dive near Rum Point

image of star fish on snorkel and diving

The main perk of island life is to appreciate access to some of the best snorkeling and diving waters on the planet. The crystalline, waveless, tepid, shallow seas of the North Sound spawn more than a mile out from the Rum Point shores. These features make it possible to drop in and snorkel anywhere you please with minimal worry. 

If desired, it’s possible to embark to surrounding attractions from Rum Point, as it’s a convenient setting-off-point for tours to the nearby Stingray City, Starfish Point, and Bioluminescent Bay. In addition, visitors can easily book excursions at the spur of the moment, just by heading to Red Sail Sports, located right on Rum Point.

The peninsula also offers an array of adventure sports excursions and equipment rentals spanning from jet skis, paddleboards, and kayaks to sailboats, catamarans, and glass-bottom boats.

Eating Seafood & Caribbean Cuisine at Grand Cayman’s Rum Point

Since Rum Point is far off the beaten path, most visitors plan on lunch, dinner, or both while hanging out in the North Sound. There are two places to eat, the Wreck Bar & Grill, mentioned earlier, and the Rum Point Club.

Rum Point Club

For a slightly more gourmet experience, head to the Rum Point Club for dinner and a broader menu that includes seafood, lamb chops, filet mignon plus appetizers, and drinks.

Shop & Wander

Although Rum Point is a quaint little corner of Grand Cayman, it still offers a lovely place to browse souvenir shops and wander along the dock. It’s the perfect way to bide between lunch and water activities or dinner and sunset.

Browse the Treasure Chest for souvenirs and gifts splashed with ‘Rum Point.’ Or drop by the retail store at Red Sail Sports for a selection of swimwear and island gear by famous brands like Tommy Bahama, Roxy, Nautica, and more.

Afterward, take a stroll on the Rum Point dock, a long whiteboard walkway primarily used for docking small boats touring the area. But, the plankway also offers a beautiful perspective of both the surrounding oceans and a glance back to shore.

Watch the Sunset from a Hammock

A Colourful Sunset at Rum Point
Photo Credit: ‘Beautiful beach at sunset’ by slack12 via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Beyond the rum and the watersports, Rum Point is the best place on Grand Cayman to catch a sunset. Towering, native Casuarina trees fringe the seashore along Rum Point, beckoning sun gawkers to the aptly placed hammocks looking over the horizon. It’s an iconic experience, to say the least, to sway in the striped hammocks, sip on a Mudslide, and soak up a Caribbean sunset.

Upcoming Events in Rum Point

Spooky season is nearly upon! Halloween is a super popular event in the Cayman Islands and visitors can enjoy plenty of fun events suitable for all ages. Check out this list of all the 2023 Halloween events taking place in the Cayman Islands, or check out Cayman Parent’s list of family-friendly Halloween events. Whether it’s a cosy Halloween movie night you’re after or an eerie and exciting fancy dress party, the Cayman Islands have something for all ghouls and goblins this October. 

Calling all fitness enthusiasts this November! Be sure to check out the Cayman Islands Triathalon, taking place on Sunday November 5th 2023. This triathlon is one of Cayman’s biggest and highly anticipated sporting events, it is definitely not to be missed, even if you’re just there to cheer on the participants.

The Pirates Week Festival, rooted in the Cayman Islands’ pirate history, unfolds over 11 vibrant days from November 9th – 19th, 2023. Beginning in the serene Cayman Brac, the celebration transitions to the lively Grand Cayman, and concludes in charming Little Cayman, offering 30+ activities across three weekends. The heart of the festival is in George Town, less than an hour drive from Rum Point, where the much-awaited Landing Pageant and Float Parade occurs. 

Revelers dressed as pirates take over the island in a theatrical invasion, bringing legends to life. Attendees can enjoy a range of activities including spirited parades, music, street dances, and a grand fireworks display, alongside indulging in the local Cayman cuisine. This event promises an unforgettable experience immersed in the vibrant Cayman culture for both locals and tourists.

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Did you know?

The ‘Golden Age’ of piracy spanned from the 1650s to the 1730s and Cayman Island’s most notorious pirate was Edward Teach, famously known as Blackbeard, who frequented the area from 1713 to his death on the 22nd of November 1718. Historical accounts say Blackbeard used the islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman as staging areas for his pirate raids. The limestone caves on Cayman Brac are among the rumored hiding places of Blackbeard’s treasure, which has never been found… Maybe you can find it !!

Island House on Grand Cayman's Rum Point

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Where to stay in Rum Point, Grand Cayman

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