Cocoplum Condos – Seven Mile Beach

CocoPlum Condos

Frequently Asked Questions About Cocoplum Condos in Seven Mile Beach

What is located near the Cocoplum Condos?

The Cocoplum Condos are located at the start of Seven Mile Beach, just a short walk from George Town. There are an array of shops, supermarkets and restaurants all within walking distance.

Does the Cocoplum Condos have a pool?

Yes, the Cocoplum condos have a communal outdoor freshwater pool, it is in the shape of a heart and has great oceanfront views.

What amenities do the Cocoplum Condos have?

The Cocoplum Condos has a communal pool, BBQ’s, tennis court, poolside lounge chairs, free beach towels, high-speed wifi and free off-street parking.